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About Daryl

Being raised in Salem, I have witnessed Southern New Hampshire develop into the wonderful community it is today. I graduated from Salem High School as part of the class of 2002 where I lettered in football and wrestling. After high school, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in political science from Suffolk University in 2006 and JD cum laude from Suffolk University Law School in 2009.


Salem has always been my home.  My wife Jessica and I decided to build our life together here on Canobie Lake.  She and I have started our own family and are now raising 2 young children of our own and I work everyday to make sure my children have the same opportunities as I did.


Throughout my years in Salem, my family and I received a tremendous amount of love and support from the community, whether it was supporting my family’s local businesses (Funhouse Pizza), the education and discipline I received from attending Salem Public Schools, assistance from the various municipal departments and serving in my second term as one of Salem’s State Representatives. These experiences have given me a great sense community and appreciation to southern New Hampshire


As a State Representative I have spearheaded the efforts to secure increased funding for law enforcement to protect children from cyber crimes, supported the second amendment and I took an active role in protecting the New Hampshire advantage by opposing the implementation of an income tax and other tax increases.


In my second term as a State Representative, I have the honor and privilege of being the Chairman of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.  As the only young republican appointed as a chairman of a committee, I took pride in this leadership position by leading by example and continuing to support our first responders, protecting victims of violent crimes and supporting the second amendment.

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